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After selling my aerial studio I was craving to fulfill another one of my passions. Wine. Love Lou was created to bring comfort to everyday life. I was ready to jump into a new endeavor with my heart 100% behind it. Get ready to sit back, relax, and love lou. #fromflippintosippin


Love Lou originated from my childhood nickname Lou. Get it, Lindsey Lou. Loopy, Lou Lou, the list goes on but Lou was ultimately the name that withstood the test of time. Lou created her own identity, stood on her own and is now ready to present herself to the world in rose form. 



Love Lou Wines was inspired after losing a love of my own. This project became my labor of love for new love. To be enjoyed with friends, family, and all the people you love. Enjoy immediately upon arrival and think of it as a little love from me to you #LoveLou

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